That annoying "Repair your streak" popup

I tried to access my lessons page and I was frozen out because of the popup that asked if I wanted to repair my steak. I normally just click on the X in the upper right corner, but that did not close the popup. Everything I opened on Lingq had this popup and I could do nothing until I spend some coins and repaired my streak. (Who cares about repairing a 2 day streak) Can this option be removed?


As an idea, you could go to Insane 100/day option. Hardly any streak, and no messages.

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Repair Streak notification only appears if you have 1 day break, since breaks longer than 2 days can’t be repaired. I wasn’t able to reproduce the popup issue but we will look into that.

Thank you.

I have not had any issues removing the pop up but I often have to take a day off linking due to work responsibilities taking over my spare time at night so I get a lot of junk email about repairing streaks. and I also find them annoying. Personally, I don’t see how “spending” my virtual coins really “repairs” the streak in the first place and I would like to remove this notice since I don’t need to be reminded that I was unable to pursue my hobby on one or two days or even if it was a week. Maybe there is an opt out page for certain types of notices? Like the word of the day or flashcard reminders? It is already sad enough that I am not always free to do what I want to with my time without receiving junk email reminding me about it. Thanks for bringing this up!

@JanVanderdam Why don’t you simple disable “Streak Reminder” email on the notifications settings page?

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Thanks for the tip Zoran! I should spend more time looking at your training videos to learn how to use the site! I was unaware of that setting. It is now turned off. Much appreciated!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ve always had email Streak Reminder disabled but I still get the pop-up. They’re different things aren’t they? The pop-up is a pop-up that sticks itself over your opening LingQ page, and the email is an email.

@protorich That’s right. Jan was asking about email and that’s how they can be disabled. Popups will still keep appearing.

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