Hi all and especially Steve and Mark and all LingQ employees and people/ members involved in the process. I just wanted to show my gratitude for LingQ as it is being now. I signed up in April 2008, but I’ve been away for a while the last couple of months. Now I’m back learning French, English and Spanish here on LingQ. I think the system has improved a lot!! It works marvelous for me and I think this is certainly worth the money!! 10 dollar a month and you can learn 11 languages any time you want and as long a you want with this very user friendly system. I’m very grateful about LingQ. I just wanted to say thanks to all the people that worked to establish and improve the LingQ method. Thanks!!

gr. Sjoerd

@ mackenzie - Sorry for the late reply, I have been away. Thanks, Sjoerd, for your kind words! We always appreciate positive feedback and also your contributions to our community. It inspires us to continue trying to make LingQ better and better.


 In this moment when a  i write this message I hope you are well,yours website is very beautefful because it allows for all users to learn any language ,but many users do not save how utlise efficase your site, hope more development for your website,thanke you for yours contribution of deveploppement