Thanks to Rökkvi for the 2 Icelandic Courses

I just wanted you for all the time an effort you put into the 60 mini stories course and your new course Einfaldir, íslenskir textar með Rökkva. I look forward to reading and listening to more content from you.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy them. There are 2 more lessons I´ve made, I think in the other course I made about the Icelandic language, but they need some re-recording. (Login - LingQ)

I have also translated the Eating out and Greetings and goodbyes, which are standard LingQ courses, but they still need recording and editing.

After that I will not be making more material for a long time I think. I have done way too much language learning and work for Icelandic on LingQ in the last two years and a half and I really need a change. More exercise, getting back into comedy, catching up with friends and so on. If I´d end up doing it, it would be podcast type conversations, with transcriptions, that would be advanced level material, since making the ultra-simple material can get really boring. I´d have to be paid a real salary to even consider doing more of that for a while.


I completely understand. Thank you again for all you’ve done for the community.

I do not know where you live, and I have posted this elsewhere, but Bókabúð Forlagið has been a great resource for me to find content. Pretty much anything with an audiobook (hljóðbók) has an ebook (rafbók).

You may need to remove DRM, I honestly do not remember. If this site didn´t exist it would be impossible for me to find compelling content at scale!

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I’m in the US. Funny that you mention Forlagið. When I originally found the site (about two years ago) it pointed me to buy eBooks from Amazon (still no audiobooks) because I lived in the US and they required a kennitala. I was seriously bummed because every place I found audiobooks in Icelandic required one.

Thanks to you, I decided to search for a way around the kennitala requirement and then stumbled upon a not-so-easy-to-find page that says outlanders just need to enter their data of birth in its stead. Low and behold, I just purchased by first audiobook from Forlagið and can’t wait to start listening. I just wish that their audiobook selection would match their eBook availability.

Talking about at scale: the biggest challenge I have in Icelandic is finding adult-oriented content (as I am not interested in children’s or adolescent-based literature) in the intermediate range. There just isn’t nearly enough accessible content in Icelandic from B1 through near-native level.

Thanks again for the nudge.

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Kennitala was my largest issue as well (also US). I would search around every few months for a way around it, and a few months ago found Forlagið let me purchase.

Their selection is pretty good for audiobooks considering and they release new things pretty regularly, though it will never be a 1-1 match with ebooks.

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Not only the effort to translate and record them, but also the painstaking degree of proofreading and double-checking gives me great confidence in these resources for when I eventually begin the study of this wonderful language. Thanks, Rokkvi, you’ve set the standard!


Hey hey ya’ll! Can anyone tell me when an Icelandic grammar guide will be available, or what is required to get it to LingQ?

I did write a grammar guide for LingQ. I don´t know why it´s not up yet.


Great. Thanks. I’ll look out for it.