Thanks to Lingq team

I just want to shout out a huge thanks to the entire team at the end of the year.

I, like possibly very many others, feel I have made more progress with this utterly superb concept app than in 35 years previously.

This app has been life-changing for me and so thank you to all the team there who keeps this massive, complex app running so smoothly. I have never lost a single imported document, or experienced a single sync issue across devices. And Zoran always replies promptly.

With gratitude and best wishes for 2024.


Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I completely agree with you about the incredible value of LingQ. It’s remarkable how a platform like this can truly transform the language learning experience. The team behind it deserves huge appreciation for maintaining such a seamless and effective app.


I want to join in and express my gratitude to the LingQ team, especially to the support team (@Denys_B , @nsprung and @zoran ).

I’ve found LingQ to be the perfect match for my Japanese language learning journey. This year I finished reading 10 real books (including “Convenience Store Woman”) and have read more than 500,000 Japanese words. I’ve noticed significant progress in reading speed, vocabulary and kanji comprehension.

The new features introduced this year like whisper integration and the simplification tool are awesome. And while there’s still room for improvement and more to be polished, I believe LingQ is one of the best tools for language learners.

Thank you to the entire team and wishing everyone a fantastic 2024!


As a daily user of LingQ now for a couple years and software industry professional, I’ve often expressed my frustration with LingQ due to two aspects–1) bugs, and 2) future features, especially using generative AI to even further accelerate content-centric second-language learning and the potential of a next gen platform to enable that.

I’m sure the team is working hard. I see LingQ having such tremendous potential, perhaps being the best all-around second-language learning platform in the industry.

Sometimes, I’ve wondered what holds the team back. Is it related to funding? Is it related to direction setting?

Anyhow, would like to commend the on-the-ground team for the incredible work done. LingQ has such HUGE potential and team has done much in realizing such a grand vision.

Your hard work is appreciated.

Can’t wait to see 2024 and more to come.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!

2023 has been a great enhancement for LingQ! Keep up improving like this!


Unfortunately the things LingQ should have offered part of the system someone else is fixing these issues by creating extensions. It should have been done by Lingq instead.
It is still a better platform to use than to attend traditional classes in terms of time and cost expenditure. Therefore, no compaints. Furthermore, it has really helped me become an independent reader. Because of this, I have access to more interesting books available at a local library and can thus handle them even without using LingQ.

It offers so many features to attack a particular lesson from different angles that alones makes it a clear winner.


I agree 100%. LingQ is the language learning tool with the most potential to improve, but even imperfect, it is the best tool out there!

Thanks to the LingQ team for providing such an impactful tool and congratulations for all that you have achieved! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in 2024!


Absolutely! Thanks, team, for this awesome tool. I have improved so much in just a few short months. I can even understand bits and pieces of what people are saying, and my reading is way better now. Also, continuous encouragement both in terms of looking at numbers and in terms of knowing there are others on the same journey even though I have never really met them.

I wish I had known about this sooner. Thanks so much!!!