Thanks to lingq and its contributors

One thing that dawned on me recently was how I’ve never really thanked all the people who have contributed to the enormous library we have at lingQ. I’m very grateful for all the work and time Vera, Evgueny, Reinhard and others have put into creating German content into the library. I would be more than happy to contribute content myself, however I heard Steve mention the English library has the most content.

I thought I would let lingq know there doing good, as one of the things they ask for is feed back. I am usually quick to complain or ask questions but never really say anything positive. Of course there are problems but I think over time they will work themselves out especially if they take to heart the members concerns.

I always look forward to Steve’s videos, as most of them are inspiring and they always motivate me when my motivation is waning and thank him for this great product for language learning.

My German has really improved lately using lingq only and for the first time as Steve mentioned, feel like I have my fingers on the ledge and can start to enjoy the language rather than feel confused most of the time. Just today I listened to Native material and could understand a lot more that I thought I would surprisingly as to my “known” word count is so low (the word count doesn’t take into account words that are on level 3 or words I do know but haven’t come across yet). But this is encouraging to me, proving the effectiveness of most of the beginner lessons I’ve listened to and the choice of words.

I’ll continue to recommend lingq to anyone learning a language that I come across, unfortunately most foreigners I meet seem to believe the only way to learn a language is through taking classes, but I know classes for the most part are just a small part of learning a language and know the importance of learning on your own.

Thank you for this statement. Learners like you keep me motivated :slight_smile:

Good luck with your German! I guess the step from Beginner material to Intermediate is challenging, but with LingQ you can master it more easily.

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Thanks Vera. Your right, the step from beginner (no knowlede) to intermediate is a big one IMO, especially when it’s the first second language your learning, most beginners give up because it seems just too hard or lack motivation. When I say intermediate I mean a solid intermediate level, meaning your an independent user. I’m still a beginner but the fog is lifting and I’m slowly becoming aware of this. I watched Bourne Identity last night and Bourne Supremecy tonight and could understand almost everything they said (in german) under normal circumstances, which I couldn’t a few months ago.

Learning a language is a long journey. One thing that struck me was when Steve mentioned how he could understand advanced conversations in a language and yet comes back to the beginner stuff and learns something new. Even a very advanced learner could benefit from going through the beginner library, there will always be words you simply just don’t know. Like shoelaces or hedgehog (Der Igel - zum Beispiel) you never know when a German has a hedgehog for a pet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: