Thanks Julie and Dooo! This morning I am learning

Thanks Julie and Dooo! This morning I am learning from the forum. »

This morning I am taking time to read on the forum, and I find another new advantage of being a LingQ learner; I am learning by reading the other learners’ questions and by reading the tutors’ answers.
For example, I am learning that a noun can be used as an adjective sometimes, such as in this example sent by Irene: He looks just like an angel, said the charity children. The children are the responsibility of the charity, so the word is used as an adjective.
I am also learning from Gecko’ s questions and from Julie’s answer. The gut is a person's abdominal organs, and when we feel fear, it often causes some sensations in this area. So, gut-level dread is a very strong sense of fear.
Do you think that in the sentence: When I was over in the States recently...that over means back. Sandra doubts about it. No, it just implies that it is a place some distance from where the speaker is at the moment explains Julie.
Dooo compared I have studied and I studied. Now I know a little bit more when to use these two similar tenses.

Thanks Julie and Dooo! This morning I am learning. Johanne