Thanks for participating in our recent survey!

Thanks to all who participated in the recent LingQ Survey that was sent out a few weeks ago! The survey this time around was very short, and we asked you to rate how likely you were to recommend LingQ to a friend, and to tell us why you chose that rating. We’ve tallied up all the responses, and thought we would share some of the results!

First, we had a lot of very positive responses. Some of the most common “likes” were:

  • LingQ’s ease of use and flexibility
  • The wide range of content available on the site (and the ability to import)
  • LingQ’s learning method, which focuses on content and vocabulary first.
  • The vocabulary tools available through the site

It’s encouraging to hear that so many of our users enjoy the site and find that LingQ is helping them to learn a language.

Of course, not all the answers were positive. However, we love feedback from our users, whether positive or negative, as it helps us to continue to grow! Some of the most common “dislikes” were:

  • Difficult to navigate and understand how to use the site
  • Lack of structure among lessons offered - too much flexibility
  • Issues with mobile apps - lack of functionality offered on site and issues with apps crashing
  • Learning method is too different

The good news is as follows:

  1. We’re working quite actively to improve the flow for new users. LingQ’s method is quite different from what a lot of language learners are used to, and as a result we’ve been spending lots of time coming up with ideas to help ease new users into the LingQ method. This also includes ideas on how to improve the Help section and make it easier for users to find the answers they are looking for.
  2. We have plans to implement some new features on the Lesson Page that will make the site more accessible to users who are both new to LingQ and new to the language they are looking to learn. We’re also determined to preserve advanced features for our power users, so existing users won’t need to be worried about losing out on valuable functionality.
  3. The mobile experience has become one of our major priorities, and in addition to improving the mobile interface of the site itself, we’ve also been investing heavily into our mobile apps to ensure the mobile experience continues to improve with better performance and new functionality not previously offered on the apps.

If you have any feedback or comments please post below or send us an email at support (at) We look forward to hearing from you!

And thank you for all your hard work in developing and improving the site, it’s going from strength to strength!

LingQ HAS to be the best site I have ever found, not just from language sites, but sites in general. The method is amazing, the fellow students all so friendly and thoughtful and the staff so very helpful and prompt! The lessons are many and varied which gives choice to make it all so interesting. I love languages and LingQ is the very best place to learn them!

Thanks Sue! While constructive feedback is really helpful, we also don’t mind a pat on the back every once in a while :slight_smile: It’s really great to hear that you’re enjoying the site so much. We’ll keep working hard to make it even better!

Absolutely, there’s always so much to do and so little time, so it’s a constant challenge to decide what to spend our time on. It’s great to hear that you’re noticing and benefiting from the improvements we’re making. Thanks for your positive words :slight_smile:

Nice. But everytime we pass toward another word using the keyboard a message appears obliging us to take an action … for every single word… That doesn’t help with the ‘flow’…

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One struggle we’ve had is trying to explain to users how to use the site to get the most out of it. The value that LingQ provides which is unique from many other systems is that you can save words from lessons you are studying, study those words through different vocabulary tests, and see those same words highlighted in every other lesson that you study on the site. We see huge potential benefits for language learners who come to LingQ and understand how to use the system. We want people to get rid of their blue words, but we also want people to save words that they don’t know.

After the popup appears a few times, there will be an option that appears to hide it. However, we did feel that this popup would b helpful to guide both new and existing users to better understand how to get the most benefit out of the LingQ system. I hope this helps answer your concern!

Just click “Don’t show me this again” on that popup.