Thank you Steve & Everyone

Hello everyone.

This is just a post to say thank you to Steve & Everyone that has helped me with all my Spanish related questions whenever I have needed it and the constant support even with my stupid repetitive questions.

I would like to thank Steve for creating this fantastic Platform and all the users for assisting with my the answers to my questions!

Reason why I am writing this is because some of you may know that I have had an interview in Spanish booked for a few months now and I have just found out today the results of my Test and I passed!

A massive thank you from myself



Congrats man :slight_smile:

Wow, great job, sir! Please keep us posted, or at least me, on the progress of how things work out or how you otherwise proceed with your Spanish.

I thought you were leaving Lingq.

I have never said that.

I mean that’s the impression I got from the title.

Yeah I thought that too at first

Enhorabuena, amigo. Me alegro mucho. ¡Buen trabajo!

you progress has been impressive, an inspiration to us

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Thank you as always ftornay

Hey congrats! I have a question for you. How do you find your listening comprehension is compared to your reading comprehension? Obviously not as strong, as it’s a harder skill, but are you comfortable listening to podcasts or youtube videos designed for native speakers yet?

Probably can pick up large sections, get more than the general idea, but still missing key points, especially if they speak quickly. I’d be interested too. Jack has been really cranking up his listening lately. At 300 hours, I lot more is probably “hearable” than before, but the words are probably still not there yet unless the video content is about something very familiar.

How is it with you?

Good question I feel like they perhaps might be the same, listening maybe a little bit better and with regards to me listening to native speakers again it totally depends I do almost all of my listening on youtube and some Spanish youtubers speak at the speed of sound and some talk normally so it totally depends on the speaker.

some youtube videos I can understand 80-90% some I cannot understand at all. it might be because of the vocabulary and others because of the pure accent and speed in which they speak.

any other questions please do let me know.

you more or less have it spot on!