Thank you for the forum update

I just figured out that I’m now able to edit forum posts. That’s great. Thank you very much!

Yes! It’s brilliant!!!

We thought we would surprise you all. Looks like it worked :slight_smile:

The best part is, no more follow-up posts that say: “thouhgt → thought”, etc.
Hopefully you enjoy this and other changes that were made in this recent update! We’ll have a post detailing the changes soon.

Edit: by the way, I just edited this post.

I edited mine two times :slight_smile:

Brilliant indeed! I have had the pleasure of editing once, but look forward to many more! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Great! Good job, guys! :slight_smile:

Editing??? WOW! WOW! WOW!

This is just like a dream come true!. We can now edit our own posts!. I can’t believe my eyes!. GREAT job!!!

I just woke up here and glad to see these changes. I am going to try editing. Note that there is no spell checker for Russian though. Hey, the editing worked!

It seems, though, that there is some issue with forum posts not showing properly. At least on this PC (with Internet Explorer).

Part of Steve’s last post reads “Note t there is no spell checker for Russian though.”

Mine reads fine. Any others see the same problem as Peter sees?

I guess it is a problem with the resolution. I’m able to produce this problem in IE8 when I press STRG and “-”. At the end of the line the text is cut off. Here some examples:
Steve, 1st line: “Note that there is no sp”, 2nd line: “checker for Russian though”
Peter, 1st line: “At least on this P”, 2nd line: (with Internet Explorer).
It’s fine in FF and Chrome.
Look here for a screenshot:

Thanks for the screenshot, Vera. It helps immensely.

@peter - Are you also using Internet Explorer?

Only when I’m at work :wink: