Thank you for adding Danish as a beta - language!

I am very thankful towards the LingQ - team that Danish has been added as a beta language and that I can now listen to and study Danish podcasts! :slight_smile: I have been waiting for this to happen for many years already.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
We actually added Danish a while ago. I think more than a year ago, but it’s never to late to start using it! :slight_smile:

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Hi Zoran,

I am less active on LingQ, so I hadn’t noticed that Danish was added. I had already given up hope that this could ever happen. I am on a B1 - level of Danish, but I use podcasts of different levels for the assimilation of the correct Danish pronounciation.

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I share your opinion too, @Fasulye. Now I have something alongside Duo to work on my Danish. Tusind tak, LingQ.