When will Thai finally be released on LingQ? There are threads from people asking that question that are older than ten years now… Steve has mentioned it in one of his videos so I’m curious when it will finally happen.


Thai is one of languages we are preparing the content for, but at the moment I can’t say exactly when we will have it added.

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How much more content has to be added?
60 mini stories is enough for a language to be released? How many are done so far?

If you let me know, I might be able to talk to some Thai friends who could help with the project.

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So far we have first 20 Mini Stories delivered in Thai. Other than 60 stories, we also need the Grammar Guide and a few sources for the News Feed.

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I’m sure you could use the thai recordings on | Thai Recordings

10.5 hours / ~50k words
scripts and audio are available

what happened to the person who created the first 20 mini stories?
Not to be rude but it seems like you’ve been working on thai for over 10 years now and all you could get was 20 mini stories?
Then it would take forever for it to be released even though Steve said it should be released in 2021…

quite a disappointment

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We have 37 available languages on the site currently. That’s a lot. As soon as we launch LingQ 5.0 and get enough content for them, we will add more languages.
It’s not our priority now, due to many other things we are working on.
But, we will continue adding more languages in the future. Sorry if it’s disappointment for you, but at the moment we can’t really chase people around to record a content for languages that are in incubation waiting to be added.

They’ve been saying the same thing for years too, that they are working on it but don’t know when it will be ready :joy: Patience is key I suppose!

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I am in Thailand and don’t know how much it would cost to ask a Thai teacher friend to make a consistent voice recordings and text translation for all 60 lessons. It can’t cost a fortune here. Why LingQ company is not capable of hiring such a person?

I even asked a famous YouTuber named Learn Thai with New and put her in contact with Zoran but I guess she not interested to do it for free.


In other post he promise Thai on 2020 and 2021. Must use different calendar.

Any news regarding Thai?

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