Thai support update?

Hi, I remember hearing Steve say in a video they are working on thai for lingq? any update? would love to see it on here as I used to study it, stopped and want to start again using lingq


So far we have 20 Mini Stories translated and recorded into Thai. As soon as we get at least 20 more, we will make it supported language. Hopefully in the near future.


Hi there, I’m also very interested to use LingQ to learn Thai but I haven"t found those Mini Stories in the list that zoran is talking about.

Yep, that’s because the list you are referring to is for languages what have reached the critical “mass of” 40 mini stories. What I mean is by critical mass is that for a language to be launched Lingq needs at least 40 mini stories translated and recorded for a language to be launched.

how about vietnamese ?

Any update on this?

I’ll post update on the Mini Stories thread when I have more info. At the moment both Thai and Vietnamese are on 20 Mini Stories, and we need at least 20 more before we can add these two languages.

What is the process of getting someone to do the other 20? I feel like its idled on 20 for a long time… Can’t linqq reach out to Thai teachers, and ask them nicely if they would like to volunteer to record the next 20? or is it up to users to do that. No hate, would just really love to have it on here


I’m a native speaker of Vietnamese and can contribute to some of the mini stories. So what’s the process to go through?


@leanbirb Thanks! I’ve got your email and will contact you with all the details regarding the Mini Stories project soon.

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I might have made a terrible mistake… I didn’t know that 20 mini stories were already done, so I went ahead and had the first five translated and recorded. But they probably already exist?..

Here they are anyway.

Easy Thai Stories with Audio for Beginners and Intermediate Students with English translations | AutoLingual – Learn A Foreign Language By Yourself


@thomas_dc Yes, we do have stories 1-20 translated and recorded already. Thanks for your efforts anyway, appreciate that. You can reach me on my email zoran(at) and check the status before you start working on any stories.


Thank you so much for uploading that anyways though!! It’s like a sneak peak at what’s to come here. Really appreciate it


I don’t think that’s a mistake. I really appreciate it.

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This is amazing Thomas! thank you for that, will be great once theyre finally up on lingq

Any new update about Thai ? :S


Me too I want to start learning Thai from my current target language (Mandarin)