Thai on LinQ

I would love to see some thai content on linQ, And I am surprised thai isn’t on linQ


We will add Thai as supported language after we update the site/app to new 5.0 version we are working on currently.


thats awsome I cant wait for thai support thanks for the help

one more question, how long is it to summer for you, I am american

after reaching a good level of english, i’ll probably start learning Thai, i hope it will be at LingQ :relaxed:

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Huge! excited for this

Veeeeeery excited!!!

Was there any update with this? I still don’t see Thai available anywhere? Thanks.

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Not yet, we will continue with adding more languages after LingQ 5.0 release. It took longer than expected due to large amount of work, so I expect that we won’t be adding more languages before 2021.