Thai learning resources?

Anyone have any suggestions for Thai learning resources? I know there’s an app called “Ling” (not Lingq!) that has many Asian languages, including Thai. Has anyone tried it?

To learn the alphabet, I’ve been using ThaiPod101, which has some solid videos about the different letters. Curious if anyone has any other recommendations.


I am not a good authority on this topic, but I will mention that the “A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course”, from the 1960s, is a classic. I like it very much. The pedagogy is very good. I see that audio is available for purchase from Cornell University.

I have no experience with learning Thai, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Comprehensible Thai YouTube channel.

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Thank you for the YouTube link. Can you share more channels? I will be more thankful to you.

The old Defense Lang Institute course

and the FSI

If you have the patience and discipline most people who have done them swear by them

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To learn the alphabet there is a book called "Read Thai in 10 Days " by Arthit Jayaso (Bingo ) You can download the audio free on the internet.

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