Text to Speech

There is a strange error ocurring on my Lingq. The browsers and devices have the normal text to speech, except for Chrome. Chrome has readers totally different from theirs, like if they are from an old version of the Lingq (?). The Chrome text to speech often mispronounces the words.

Also, the American Male accent is being the same as British Male

I use Windows 10

Strange, I had other user complaining about the same thing via email, but I tested it on my end (I also use Chrome on WIndows 10) and American Male and British Male aren’t the same. Completely different voices.
TTS does sounds different on different browsers, that’s not unusual, but still there shouldn’t be any problems like wrong pronunciation. If you can send me a lesson link with specific words with that problem, that would be great. Thanks!

My American Female is pronunciating words like “dirt” wrong. I tried to clean the cookies and to try on a different account. It didn’t work.

And I’ve also tried these readers on another PC, it is with the same problem.

Can you send me a lesson link with wrongly pronounced words, so that I can test it myself? Thanks!