Text to speech stuck (Japanese)

I am using chrome.

The text to speech gets stuck few times every day. In this state text to speech doesn’t play any of the words that are pressed directly or via the button. Occasionally it will stay stuck indefinitely, sometimes after few minutes it will then play those words that were pressed while it was stuck. Sometimes only restarting the browser will help, but that’s kind of a drag.

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Seems to happen after changing tabs.

The text to speech always gives me problems too (Chinese). It would be a great thing if Lingq could fix this some day


This happens when changing tabs or continuing to the next lesson while audio was still playing. The solution is to play audio on the current lesson and pause the audio again. This will make the Text to speech work again.

Sadly I am going through text without audio so I can’t use that trick.

Another not great thing are the very long loading times.

Do you have any ad blockers running? Disabling Ublock made lingq much faster for me. Lingq doesn’t have any ads anyway (thank god)

Thanks. This did help.

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