Text to Speech audio - to keep or not to keep

I have encountered a few courses and lessons where the audio is automated, not natural, in other words, Text to Speech. (TTS). I would not want to listen to TTS, on the other hand these texts may be of interest to some people. It does, however, create a bad impression on any new visitors to LingQ. My inclination is to remove all TTS content from our Library. What do others think?


I don’t like TTS either. I vote for deletion.

I was attempting to upload such a file earlier because I cannot create the audio file in the target language yet with my own language skill, only languages I am fluent in already, however I have to agree, it’s likely to be unappealing to most other than the uploader. I personally don’t mind either.

You can always ask a native speaker on the Exchange to record content for you.

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Oh dear. I think I may have been missing out. Silly me. Thank you.

I believe that such a feature is even dangerous and definitely makes a bad impression on new members. I would never listen to a text generated in this manner. I use it for single words when I am too lazy or when it’d be too troublesome (on a tablet) to check at forvo.com.

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I would favour simply deleting them. If any of them are in English, I wouldn’t be against simply recording them myself and replacing the audio.

I would delete them. If I want TTS, I can do it myself. But as “official” lessons they are worthless and in my opinion against the idea of LingQ.

A good point from Vera. We can find any text we want online and listen to it using TTS any time we want. There is no purpose to having these texts in the library.

I find it quite usefull especially for single words in russian. while i wouldnt buy an audio book by siri theres no way in hell im paying someone to narrate something im going to be done with in a day or two. maybe ban it from public lessons (which i never use) but i wouldnt get rid of it untill you have actual recordings for each word. while it may not seem like allot of extra work to look up a word that extra 10 seconds adds up when you have to do it multiple times a day day after day.

I agree.

I only use TTS for single words or phrases when creating LingQs.

You could advice the reader that this is an automated speech, in some chess sites you are adviced whether you will play against a computer.

I will proceed to remove all contents that have TTS audio as I come across them. Please let me know if you do as well. I will start in a few days.

I need the TTS it has helped me to learn Russian words. The flash cards are just useless without TTS. Please bring it back as it is a useful feature with the flash cards. I have found over time that if I use the flash TTS with content. I am able to notices the ending of Russain verbs more easily.

When I read it helps me to remember the words which I am unsure of,. Because TTS speaks the unknown word to me. I start reading the text to my self without the audio first. Now I am finding it hard to study at lingq. If I come across a word in Russian that I am unsure ofI I have to go to google for every word that I am unsure. The way that I learn is one word at a time. If TTS can not read it to me how can i learn Russian words. I mean a single word новый новая новое новые,…

If you could have the Flash cards that natives speaks the words that would be evening better.

I am not referring to the TTS on our LingQs, on our Flash Cards and so forth. I am only referring to whole texts where all of the audio is in TTS. The TTS on our LingQs and Flash Cards is tremendously useful.

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I’m trying to learn German and when I use flash card the audio uses TTS. I absolutely hate it. For that reason I can’t use lingq flash card… :frowning:

Just go to Settings and turn off “auto play TTS”

And for sentence view of imported texts where one doesn’t have audio available. Sooo happy I can do this now!
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