Text-splitting of privately imported lessons with sound-files

I know this topic has been on the forum quite a few times in the past, but I find it a bit annoying if a lesson with sound file is split automatically when importing. This morning I loaded a lesson that was split into one part of 2025 words and another part of 273 words. Of course, the sound-file is only on the first part. It seems to me unnecessarily time-consuming to have to put the mp3 file into Audacity, find the point of the split, and re-enter the sound files into the two split parts.

Please, could this split function be optional for lessons of up to, say 2500 words, for private imports. Hopefully this wouldn’t put too much strain on LingQ’s servers.


This has to be one of the most frustrating things with LingQ, imo.

It also unnecessarily takes away motivation for sharing lessons, by adding in even more work for the uploader.

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The 2,000 words are bothering me too. I’ve asked several times for a higher limit but my requests were refused :frowning:

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