Text size option for Furigana?

I need to increase the size of all text due to my vision, but it seems that furigana doesn’t scale at all, or not the the extent that it’s noticeable. Can there be an option to scale this too?

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, we will see what we can do.

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I was considering paying for a premium account but once i set up my android app the way I wanted to start learning I saw that I couldn’t read the font size of the furigana above the words. It’s way too small, even when I increase the overall text size to it’s maximum (which is not how I would like to read a story anyway).

I also noticed this issue when trying out the trial of Japanese. I’m also considering paying for premium package. Furigana is almost an essential for beginners trying to read things in LingQ. It has been about a year since the original poster’s request. Please look into fixing this soon.

Yeah they need to improve furigana a lot. It would help Japanese learners immensely if they had a tool that allowed them to import their own content and add decent furigana. It would be amazing.

Are you using Windows/Firefox? There’s a 3-horizontal-line menu at the top right corner that has a “zoom” option. Other browsers might have a similar feature? The furigana scales with everything else. The right-arrow (to progress to the next page) is still visible when I try it, although the left-arrow (to go back to the previous page) is not.

Also, Windows has Accessibility features (“Ease of Access”) in “Settings;” there are several vision-related options there. For example, you can choose to enlarge all text, or use the “Magnifying glass” or “Magnifier” there to enlarge whichever parts of the screen you mouse over. (Use the search bar in Settings and type “Accessibility”) Other operating systems would probably have something similar.

A simpler option is a physical magnifying glass, or a pair of reading glasses worn alone or together with regular prescription glasses.

These ideas can help get us through until the developers come up with a better solution later.

Happy studying!

Edited to correct the location of the 3-bar menu; it’s on the right, not the left.

Yes, buy a physical glass because you won’t see any update before very long. The translation in japanese are false, the furigana wrong most of the time, but we are still waiting for some update. So for your furigana, I think you will have to wait a couple of years.

Happy studying

I installed the Chrome Extension “Stylus” and created a new style for the domain “lingq.com” with the code below:
You can find help installing and using Stylus on the web and Youtube.
Change the font-size value to change the size the of the furigana.

@-moz-document domain(“lingq.com”) {
.has-hiragana .reader-container .sentence-item–transliteration:not(.has-furigana) {
font-size: 18px;