Text Size in Reviews

Hi, the text size of review words are so small. I am trying to read Traditional Chinese characters but it’s almost impossible to see the options presented in the review or to read the answer afterwards.

I just did some multiple choice questions just now and I had to put my iPad very close to my face and even then I couldn’t really tell what it was. I have no problem reading in the normal reading mode though.

How do I adjust the text size of review cards?

Thanks Lingq team!

edit: Also, the bold font chosen for Traditional Chinese characters is difficult to read also. Even now on the web browser with a large screen at 175% webpage zoom! Could we have some alternative font options?


I think I have made this point before. It is a good one. I have the same struggle. It is strange that we can adjust font size in the reader, but not in the review flashcards. My thought was that font size for review flashcards could mimic font size in the reader. That way the developers wouldn’t have to add another option to the settings. But however they want to solve this problem would be fine. It is a problem though. Thank you for bringing it up.


At the moment it’s not possible to adjust the text size in Review. But we will see if that’s something we can change in the future.

I have resolved my issue on iPad OS. Once you turn on the “Text Size” button for your Control Centre you can adjust the text size of the LingQ app globally. This allows the flashcard to be very clear, although has the side effect of everything becoming a larger.

I’m using the zoom feature under settings > accessibility.
Mainly in the lyrics-mode, another place where the font is not adjustable. I also like to activate the invert feature at daytime, since the forced dark mode makes reflections more annoying.