Text selection

in the last days its being more difficult to select a phrase. Need to select many times to have the phrase appearing in the right side of the page with the translation.

I have also had this issue. Also when I select a definition for a highlighted word, I have to click on some other random word before clicking back on the highlighted word to get the popup back. Otherwise, the popup won’t appear.

Hello, we are familiar with the issue and we will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.

I’m still having issues too. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. At best I can highlight a single word, but no phrases (I‘m using iPad version of LingQ). At this point I have given up trying to maintain a streak because the app is essentially unusable and not working as intended. But good to hear that LingQ is working on a solution.

Hi Zoran,

Any idea when a fix for the text selection issues will be released? What does “soon” mean?


We will release app update soon.

Thanks, but “soon” is very ambiguous. I subscribed for a year and because of this issue I am no longer using the tool, it is simply too buggy. Is it possible to get a pro-rated refund? Thanks.