Text record by a native speaker

I would like to know if it is possible that native speakers record some texts that learners need a recording for.
I have added a short English text on my Workdesk for which I need a recording to help me more. Would you like to record this one for me, Steve?

This is really a good idea because often we find texts but we dont have audio for these texts. Just a suggestion, what if the users could user their points to ask a tutor to record their texts?

We will set up a “Contents” thread on this forum this coming week. People can list texts that they would like to have recorded, or audio that they would like to have transcribed. As the demand increases it will not be possible for LingQ tutors to do all the recording so we hope that members will also do some of this work. They will be able to charge points for it.

Marianne, where do I find the text that you want recorded?

Some more thoughts on this…We hope soon to implement a feature whereby the tutor will always record the corrected writing of the learner and return this to the learner. The learner is then free to share this with other members.

We could take the same approach for texts that learners want recorded. They could submit them as writing and ask to have them recorded. We would charge points to record them, but then the learners would be free to resell them in LingQ.

Let me know your views on this subject. Bear in mind that we are always talking about all the different languages at LingQ.

Marianne’s question are my wishes too.
Steve idea with a “Contents” thread is a good one! After recording we should have content and audio in the suitable language site. I think, this could be helpful several member.
I hope there will be no battle for recordings audio file:-)

I just posted a recording of an interview in French on my blog and mentioned it on the French thread here at this forum. Serge has already transcribed it and Marianne emailed me to say that she was willing to transcribe it. This is the kind of interaction between members that we are hoping for. I can imagine that texts will be submitted for recording, audio files for transcriptions, or even lists of words and phrases from the Vocabulary section can be submitted for recording.

I really appreciate the cooperative attitude of everyone, especially Serge and Marianne in this instance.

Please give us your views on how this should best be done.

I note that Mairo, who has given us great content in Portuguese, which I am using right now, is looking for someone to record Japanese for him.

The idea to record member’s writing is very good. I look forward to this. If we can have texts to be recorded for those that we have found without recordings, that’s perfect. We, of course, talk about all languages.
If we want to have a text recorded by tutors, we could submit them as a writing, to have its recording. What about charge of points as in these cases? We’ll ask for a recording, not a correction recorded. Could we also choose the tutor to do so?
Having a “contents” thread on this forum will be really great too. It’ll be a good way to exchange services!
I found the text I would like to have a recording on a book. The topic is about the verb ‘to look and its synonyms’. In speaking, we often use the same words like to look, to get, wonderful, things, stuff and so on. When I read this short chapter on a book, I typed it and added it as a content to learn the words I don’t know. Yet, to learn better them and to learn to use them, I need a recording to help me. I can as send the text to you, copy it here, or wait for the ‘contents’ thread here. What have I to do, Steve?
Concerning the transcription of your interview, I preferred to email you and asked you before doing the transcription. As you ask around, I wanted to avoid what effectively happened, several people who do the same thing. You’re welcome, I would have done with pleasure, and I knew it will be the same for others. Thanks to Serge. Now, organization will be required :wink:

I agree Marianne we are going to learn how best to organize all of this. Your ideas are welcome.

I just learned that Serge has voluntarily done the transcript. I make no value judgments on whether charge or not for their help to others here. I recognize that it can become a lot of work.

I am benefiting from Mairo’s excellent recordings in Portuguese. I am inclined to want to contribute some points to him. I think we should set up a system so that members can donate points to each other for content, or recordings or transcriptions that they particularly enjoy using. I have been listening to Mairo and Ayla for several hours now. I need to go back to the texts to review my words again in fact.

We will see how this all develops. But I think it is exciting. I am looking forward to recording your text Marianne once you tell me where to find it. You can email the word document to me.

One thing that comes to mind is that I am happier interacting with our members, talking to them, recording content or writing on language learning, than I am finding ways to promote our site. If our members can spread the word about LingQ and give us many good ideas on how to improve the site, I will concentrate on helping our members with their learning (while also learning myself of course).

My question about the charge was about sending texts as a writing submission to be recorded.
On the forum, on the contrary, I have thought of a good way to exchange services and did not think whether help will be charge or not. I have no particular idea on that matter.
I’ll send you my text, thanks Steve.