Text in hints for LingQed words disappearing (bis) and now a new weird problem!

Today I worked for over an hour on a big text, I wrote a lot of hints for new words only to find out later that most if not all hints did not get recorded, some of them I entered twice because I noticed they did not get saved in the first place. Furthermore once in a while some keys (most of the time it’s the space bar) do not work unless I save the current hint and re-edit it or refresh the page, then the key works fine again. And yes I’ve cleaned my keyboard and tested it with other software and it doesn’t happen anywhere else. This is very annoying! I have Windows Vista Home and use Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1.

@GiMurphy - Sorry to hear about your troubles with this. We’re determined to fix any remaining issues on the lesson page, but need your help in figuring out what the source of these issues are. It would be very helpful if you could record a screencast of yourself using the lesson page for a few minutes, showing the process that you take and replicating the issue where the hints aren’t saved, etc. You can use a program like Jing for this (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith). This should give us a much better idea of what might be causing this, as we having trouble reproducing this on our end.

@alex - OK will do as soon as I have installed the software and get a little familiar with it! I might not have the time today, but you’ll get something by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the prompt reply, Gi.

Alex, I’ve experienced the same problem in the last days and it prevents me from working on texts at the moment. Today I’m quite busy but probably tomorrow I can record a video. It happens to me that at least on third of the hints aren’t saved. What I do is:

  • I open the dcitionary always. I never use user hints from other users.
  • I often write be hand into the hint.
  • Sometimes I copy text from a word document (Ctrl+V) into the hint.
  • I write something into the hint, open another website, or a word document and add something additionaly to the hint
  • I always click on “Save” when it appears
  • I go sometimes back to yellow words by clicking on the yellow word in the text. Then I go to the next blue word by clicking on this word. I don’t use key strokes for moving from one highlighted word to another one.

@alex - Here is the video you requested, it shows one instance where my hint disappeared. http://screencast.com/t/fkBcfxzjA0Vb
Hope this will help. Gi.

@GiMurphy - Thanks for the screencast. I’ve taken a look at it and have tried this myself, but still don’t seem to be able to reproduce this. Are you able to reproduce this issue on command, or does it just seem to happen randomly?

@alex - It happens randomly, I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly on what sequence or particular action causes it. But it happens frequently. It would seem that it is a Windows Vista issue: I have been working on my laptop for the last hour and it has not happened so far! My laptop is running with Windows 7 and Firefox 15.0.1. I’m going back to my desktop to see if it’s still happening there. I’ll let you know. Gi.

I’m on Windows XP SP3 and Firefox 12.0. As GiMurphy I could not figure out if there is a special thing that causes this problem but I’ll keep my eyes open.

@alex & Veral - Bingo! I can now reproduce it at will, and it does also happen on my laptop, so not Windows release dependant. Here is the sequence of event.

  • I click on a blue word, then I write a ‘link word’ (in french the field is called balise don’t know what you call it in english) before I write anything in the hint field. Then whatever you write in the hint field never gets saved and sometimes that’s when my space bar doesn’t respond. Let me know if it does the same for you! Gi.

@GiMurphy - That’s it! If you enter a Tag before entering a Hint, the Hint is not saved. We will get that fixed. Thanks for figuring it out.

@GiMurphy, Vera - This issue should be fixed now. Let us know if you still have problems with it.

@alex - Thank you very much, it’s working well now, I can finally concentrate on my lessons and not worry about loosing my notes. Gi.

@Mark and Alex: Thank, it’s working for me too. Great!