Text chat vs voice chat- same or different? Opinions?

Every day I spend a good amount of time talking with people via chat rooms on various sites. From doing this I found over time that I am able to talk with more people about various topics and find that I can actively use vocabulary much better than I could in the past. Also, I see that my Spanish has greatly improved from doing this in both my written and spoken spanish.

So, my question is to those out there in the community is, what are your opinions on text chatting and voice chatting? Would you expect to see the same outcomes from using one or the other when communicating with people.

I"m really interested in seeing what others think of these these two mediums of output.

Text gives you more time to think up the words of course, so speaking is the only way to improve reaction times with output. Although as for increasing your active vocab they are both different sides of the same coin. Both beneficial.

If you have a choice, go for speaking, but if you can only text chat then that is very good also. Just do lots of it.

They’re certainly both useful, and both have their benefits, but I’ve found that communicating verbally has been a greater challenge, since you are left with a lot less time to both understand what’s coming at you and respond within a reasonable amount of time.

That being said, I also really enjoy text chatting when given the opportunity, since it’s a lot less stressful and I have time to more wholly understand what the person I’m talking with is actually saying. The other benefit is it’s not as demanding, so taking a couple of minutes to do something quickly doesn’t interrupt the flow of the conversation.

In my experience, voice chatting helps my speaking ability and text chatting helps my writing ability, so both have their place :slight_smile: