Terrorism - the latest attack

Manchester this time - targeting children Manchester suicide bomber is 'British-Libyan' Salman Abedi | Daily Mail Online

These terrorists are filthy scum.

Filthy lousy rancid stinking sewer SCUM.

Find them, round them up!

Better stay away from crowded places until the incompetent elite gets its grip on reality or leaves power. That’s pretty much all there is to say. This terrorism routine in the media is wearing me out.

i’m tied of hearing and seeing this on tv all the time nothing seems to change

They are bunch of cowards targeting little girls. 19 people killed 50 injured and thousands of kids will end up with a lifetime of trauma. Seriously, some “people” does not deserve to live.


Given how low the probability of being killed in a terrorist attack actually is, it makes little sense to stay away from crowded places.

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“Find them, round them all up. Then kill them!”

I would love for this to happen, but I fear a bit that our attempts to do so are more likely to worsen the problem than to improve it, and also have side effects much worse than the problem itself.

True. Mathematically it makes little sense but still I feel paranoid when entering a mall these days.

I wonder if the continued intervention of the western coalition in Syria might have something to do with it. We really have to get involved in everything don’t we?

…is all I am sayin’

We know who most of these fanatics are. We know where they live. We even know how they like their eggs boiled…

Maybe a spot of righteous slaying would be in order right now?

Does that video show any head cutting?

No, I think Mossad like to keep things reasonably clinical.

(And they’ve improved a whole lot since the 1970s too…)

Yeah that’s pretty much how to do it. It’s a shame our primary value has become stupidly ignoring problems because feelings.

I’ve been heartbroken all day because of what has happened in Manchester. I had tickets and me and my husband were going to go. I’m a big fan of hers. However, I decided to sell the tickets as I had wild travel plans now I’ve finished uni. I’m trying desperately to contact the woman I sold the tickets to. No such luck at the moment but our seats were quite close to the stage so providing they left when it ended they should be fine. I have to say I am feeling quite cold today and upset. So easily could have been me and my husband in that foyer leaving a couple of minutes early to catch our train back to Leeds. I feel so broken for the families too and all those precious little ones. Really don’t know what this world is coming to.

It just goes to show how any one of us could get caught up in something like this - notwithstanding Colin’s statistical witchcraft :-0

Just a total bummer of a day :frowning:

(This too: Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89 - BBC News RIP legend.)

My sympathies to all the victims and to all Brits in general.
I understand how you feel. I am glad that you didn’t get caught in that hell

"For more than a decade, the BBC Home Affairs Unit has monitored every single terrorist incident, attempted or failed, that has made it into the public domain.
Quite simply, most of the people we have seen dragged through the courts are not capable of this kind of incident.
Many aspire to ‘martyrdom’ and talk about building bombs.
But they are either, to be frank, too stupid and disorganised to turn their fantasies into reality or, alternatively, they get caught because they don’t know how to cover their tracks.
Most jihadists discount a bomb attack at the early stages: they realise that it’s too difficult to pull off.
They might accidentally kill themselves while making the device.
Their purchasing patterns might raise suspicions in a local pharmacy or, online, prompt GCHQ to have a closer look at their digital life.
They may turn to someone else for help who, unbeknown to both, is already on the MI5 radar. "–BBC News

“The Islamic State often quickly proclaims links to attacks, but some previous boasts have not been proven.”–The Washington Post

Saying they are “filthy lousy rancid stinking sewer SCUM” is easier than identifying who they really are. “Killing them” is easier than arresting the criminals. Uttering a incantation is not enough.

“…More than 3,000 jihadis are in the UK, stretching the country’s security services. Spies and counter-terror police are struggling to monitor a flood of suspects. Some 850 Britons are thought to have gone abroad to fight for the Islamic State…”

“…Although more than 100 have been killed, around half have returned home with battle experience and training in the use of explosives and firearms…”

“…The security services have also foiled at least 13 planned attacks in the past four years, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, Acting Deputy Met Commissioner Mark Rowley, has revealed…”

“…Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be IMMINENT as she raises threat level to critical and orders 5,000 troops onto the streets after attack by British-born Libyan Salman Abedi…”

The highest level of alert! Troops on the streets! We are under attack! :-0

@Yutaka: Maybe Japan would like to offer political asylum and new home to these “confused” young men?

“The highest level of alert! Troops on the streets! We are under attack! :-0”

I don’t know what the emoticon “:-0” means.

Couldn’t hurt to try to leave these people alone but trying to understand the reasoning of someone who’s ready to blow himself up seems pointless to me.

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Who did such scum things their fate is hell, and this haven’t benefited their goals or their faith (if they have) according decades, look for the beneficiary. my heart is with all injured and victims. I watch CNN, BBC, and Aljazirea and all them are the same, just innocent people die, I hate the hell news channels.