Terrible Android App on Kindle Fire

Hello, I really love LingQ and enjoy using it on my laptop and iPhone. The iOS app is great! However, today I downloaded it on my Kindle Fire as I really am tired of using my phone/laptop and my Kindle is the perfect size. The Android app from the Google Play store is completely different from the iOS app, and very buggy. The sound does not work to play for each individual word and the audio takes ages to load (to the point where there is no use in using it). It also randomly switches between portrait/landscape mode (without me moving the tablet at all) and will randomly go back and forth between pages (as in, from the story I am reading to the Settings page). Is this a known issue that will be fixed? Is the Android app just really not ready to be used yet?

I certainly agree with you that current android app is horrible, but luckily for us there already is a beta app in test. I am sure zoran will add you if you want. It still lacks some features, and some bugs might be present, but it is much better than the current one.

We hope to release new Android app at the end of June. It will be huge improvement in both performance and design. As @Beware said, If you want to be a beta tester you can try it right away. Just contact us on support(at)lingq.com and let us know which email address you are using for Google Play on your device.

would I be able to become a beta tester too? I would love to be able to use the android version while I commute to work but really am not a fan of it.

Of course, anyone can join! Just contact us on support(at)lingq.com to let us know which email you are using for Google Play on your device, and I will add you as beta tester.

sure I will do it now!