Temporary note facility

When I have a question, notice a typo or want to remind myself while studying a LONG lesson, I sometimes wish for a little temporary notepad facility for that particularly lesson. Would it be possible to have such a feature?
If our doubts etc still persist once we have finished with the text, we could post appropriately in the forum. I often forget to leave a comment about something troublesome I find at the beginning of a long text.

Why don’t you open a second window with an editor on your computer? That is easy to do. It is very convenient if you don’t use the whole screen for the editor. You could see the LingQ page and the editor at once.

I always use ‘Google Notebook’.

Thank you both. I take it by editor you mean Word or similar? I shall also look at Google Notebook. What I had in mind (which after all may not be necessary) was something like a notepad within the lesson, which could be deleted once we have finished the text. I fancy it would make for more coherent questions/comments at the end of the work.