TEFL worth it?

I’m thinking of taking an online TEFL course. Does anyone have experience and can inform me of the value in holding this certification? I’m already a native English speaker. I’m not quite aware of how this program functions online as to what study or testing is required. Do you think the time, money and effort are worth it?

My first reasoning for taking this course would merely be for enhancing my education and adding to my CV. I would also consider possibly tutoring online at some point or if possible using it to relocate to Greece (Although unlikely with the level of fluency many Greeks have over English.)

Also, which is recommended: 50, 80, 100 or 120 hours? The price is quite high, so naturally I am hesitant.

I had to google to find out what TEFL is, but I too will be awaiting the answers from those knowledgeable.

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For the purposes you described, an online course could be worth it. If you want to get a job teaching in a language school, though, an online course will not be enough - a CELTA certificate is a virtual requirement at a top-quality school. Basically, the most important aspect of a course like CELTA is Teaching Practice in front of real students, and an online course can’t replicate that. Good luck!

I actually just finished a 120 hour TEFL course. It does bring insight into how teaching a foreign language works (obviously English in this case).

I mainly did it to, as you mentioned, enhance my CV (although I already have a good job).

And the second reason I did it was to open the possibility to, if I ever got tired of my current daily routine and work, to go teach in another country.

I found the course I used to be quite easy, and took no where near 120 hours. However, if you have no experience with foreign language classes, or don’t have a good grasp on English grammar, then it possible could take quite a bit of time to finish.

I think I maybe spent in total 40-60 hours to do the course.

The price isn’t that much different than any other online class from a college in my area, so I think it’s worth it, plus it’s 1 class that will open probably more doors than any other single class.

My final thoughts: I enjoyed it, learned a lot, and I think it opens a lot of doors for career opportunities.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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