TED / TEDx talks on LingQ?

I just saw this thread on here. Will Be Given Away For Good - Language Forum @ LingQ

I had no idea that these were available to use as content. Does anyone have more information about this? Would I be allowed to transcribe some TEDxHelsinki talks in Finnish?

We have permission to do this for English Ted talks so I don’t see why we wouldn’t for Finnish.

Wow, I just checked the TEDx Tals website! I had no idea there were so many talks in so many languages. I will start transcribing a few in the coming days

I can’t speak for the other European countries but in Germany we would need the Permission of every speaker and every person who participated.

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No, Yirtse, there are many TEDx talks in several languages. Go here http://tedxtalks.ted.com/ and select “Browse talks by language”.

About the copyright issue: if LingQ did get the authorization to share the English-language ones, I don’t see the problem. After all, LingQ is subject to the Canadian laws, isn’t it? Mark?

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@IMY - There are quite a few, enough to keep someone quite busy with transcriptions for a while. Have a look here for Dutch.


Actually, scratch that. Dutch is probably a bad example because they are all pretty much in English. :S

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Oh my God, they have them in Icelandic.


I have started transcribing my first TEDx Talk in Italian. I hope there will be someone interested, since it’s quite a long task…

I will interrupt my Slavic slog to refresh my Italian. Thanks! Who is speaking?

Michele, I’m interested!! :slight_smile:

Steve, the speaker of the talk I’m transcribing is a Professor or scientist I had never heard of. He talks about how the DNA of cows can help us discover more about humans.

Yvette, I’m glad to know you are interested. I hope you won’t be alone.

I haven’t started Italian yet, but the transcription will surely take a lot of time. Thanks for doing that, Michele!

I suppose I could be persuaded give it a listen as well

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Well, you know which is the better route for you! I would find it extremely painful to record a 20-minute text myself. I prefer transcribing audio files at a slower pace (3-4 minutes per day) than getting frustrated for not being able to produce a good recording of a long text. And anyway, there are quite a lot of talks in Italian, but I guess you didn’t look at them.