Ted Talks as MP3 files?

I just came across some steps regarding this on another language learning website.
However, by following the instructions I can not see the button for downloading audio. Sure, I am accessing multiple sharing options but not the one for downloading audio.

I’m actually interested in downloading German Ted Talks as mp3 files so that I can listen to them on my mp3 player while commuting outside my house.

Any ideas.


Below is the text that I came across:

The students should now listen to the talk multiple times and make sure they comprehend it. Note that you can adjust the speed of the talk. Hover with the mouse over the wheel of the talk. You can then speed up or slow down the video by clicking on the speed selectors.
To improve pronunciation and to remember the vocabulary, it is helpful to download the audio to your smartphone or MP3 player.
To achieve this:

  • Visit a talk page
  • Click the “Share” button
  • In the pop-up box that appears you have several options for sharing or downloading the file
  • Choose “Download audio”

Maybe the students were given certain rights to the video that are not available to the general public.
but there are many sites which will rip YouTube audio.

I just watched the instructional video on youtube channel regarding this and I was able to download it as an mp3 file through a third party website for free. Just like you said above.
Great! Productive day!

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