Tecnnical error

I’m getting this message constantly (using up-to-date Chrome on a Mac M1).

TypeError: Failed to fetch Please check your Internet connection and visit our Twitter feed for system status updates.

Does anyone know why this is happening.

Also I have the feeling that LingQ doesn’t like you using certain characters in notes sections to Links…etc… and craches when you do…

Has anyone else had this experience?

We haven’t received any similar complain. When did it start happening on your end?

I have gotten the same message off and on for a month now. If I close the program and reopen it seems to work again. Also, I recently started Russian lesson “one day in the life of Ivan denisovitch”. The lesson constantlfreezes or takes forever to move to the next work. Pop up appears that says Linqq is not responding. Exit page or wait. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve escalated to the QA team for investigation.