Technical problems in my profile

Hello. I have some problems in my profile. For example, I can not join the discussion, I can not import the lessons into my profile and then placed in the library, there are no records on the wall, the rating is not visible on the page ‘Friends’ and others. What’s the matter? Can anyone help me?

Hi Solena,

It sounds like you might have set your Activities to be private. However, you are unable to see your own activities on the Friends page – it simply shows the activities of others. If you go to your profile, click on the blue “Share” button that appears to the right of “My Activities” and select the option you would prefer (e.g. “Share my activities on LingQ”, etc.). Your shared activities will appear on your profile and on the Friends page (but only for other users!).

Are you unable to join conversations hosted by other members? Please note that you cannot see the “Join conversation in…” and “Send writing in…” links on your own profile, but you can adjust them on the Settings page.

@ Solena - It is a little unclear what problems you are having. Can you please explain each issue a little more? For example, on which pages are you having these issues? What exactly are you trying to do?

To join discussions, you must have entered your Skype account details and you must have points.

Import lessons by going to the Import section and following instructions. Much help is available. Just click the help link in the top right corner of the page. To share imported lessons, you must first upload audio, text and and image and save the lesson. Then you will see the option to share the lesson.

I’m not sure what records you are looking for on your wall. You can post to your own wall or your friends can post there.

You haven’t yet done anything on the site. If you would like to show up in the rankings, you should start creating LingQs, submitting writing or joining conversations. You can find lots of information in Russian to help you. Just go to the Help section.

Sorry Solena! I was looking at the wrong account. :slight_smile: There is a “solena” who has no activity on LingQ. Your account is quite active and it is very strange that you would not show in the rankings. Which rankings list are you trying to find yourself in?

Thanks for your help. Because of my bad English yet, I couldn’t write about my problems correctly. So I wrote about it at Russian forum. But as it turned out right now everything works correctly at browser Exploer. At Mozilla - many settings don’t work but they’ve worked.

Can you send us screen shots of the problems you are having? I am not having any problems in Firefox.

Hello. Thanks for help. My problem was already solved. An error was in my brower Mozilla. I had to reinstall it. Now everything works correctly. Sorry for the trouble I was giving you.

Glad to hear you’ve solved the problem! Please let us know if you encounter any other errors on the site.