Technical problem with status of lingqs


Every time I study vocabulary and mark the status bar from #1 position up to 2 or 3, the box turns yellow, but the next time I return to the lingq status bar area, ALL are back to #1 again. So I have over 800 lingqs that are incorrectly marked. Anyway to get them to stay at the level that I put them at? Anyone else having this problem?


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Do you mean that you’re on the Vocabulary page and you’re adjusting the status of LingQs directly there, or you’re doing this from the Flashcards test instead? If it’s from the Flashcards test, when you close the Flashcards popup the page will automatically refresh and update the statuses on the page. If you close the Flashcards tab then refresh the page is it still showing the old popups?