Teaching Language in Classrooms

What do you guys think of different language learning software/websites (Duolingo, Memrise, Assimil, putting Rosetta Stone there just cause) and whether a whole Spanish class in high school should use it?

In general, if you were teaching a group of students a language, how would you go about the lessons and class? I’m not a teacher, I am a student in a language class, just wondering how my class can be improved. :smiley:

I teach Russian, German and English in a language school.
My groups are not so big - from 6 to 10 people, but of course they are very different and they usually have a bit different level. I try first of all to make my lessons interesting enough for everyone - besides general topics, I give different individual tasks to my students according to their possibilities - they prepare some reports about their countries and cities, they make up dialogues, we write sometimes together the fairy-tales with different heroes during the lesson, we play with words etc.
However, it’s very important to learn the language not only in a classroom, but also do something at home - to read, to listen, to look for some interesting stuff.
I like Assimil, I don’t like Duolingo. And I don’t know Memrise and Rosette Stone well enough to judge them.