Teaching Hungarian

Hi everyone!

I am quite new to this homepage so first of all I would like to say Hello to all of you!
Besides being curious about learning languages such as Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Chinese and so forth I also would like to teach here!

I was raised in Germany, so my mothertounge is German (which I would happily teach as well), but I moved to Hungary around 14 years ago. I got fluent in Hungarian in around 5-6 years.

Hungarian is one of the oldest languages in Europe and it is nothing like the languages around here. It is really different, beautiful, and it started to disappear. There are less and less people on Earth who can speak Hungarian, which is really sad.

I would like to turn this thing around as much as I can.

So I would like to ask you: Is there anyone who would be interested in learning a beautiful and special language like Hungarian?

If so, could you assist me how I can upload lessons here?

Thank you for your support!



Welcome Sandy,
it’s great that you’d like to help learners of Hungarian by creating Hungarian lessons.
Unfortunately, you cannot do this on LingQ now, and probably not in a foreseeable feature. Read Alex’s latest posts on this page: http://www.lingq.com/forum/2/22305/?page=1#post-157734.
You will need to create or gather a lot of material in Hungarian if you’d like Hungarian to become available at LingQ, as explained here: New Languages on LingQ.
I definitely want to study Hungarian, although I am too busy with other languages now.
Good luck and enjoy LingQ,


Most tanulok magyarul az egyetememen. A magyar nvelv nagyon szép, és szeretek tanulni magyarul. Most tanulsz angolul?


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I wish we could add more languages for other people. After I learn Finnish and Icalandic, I’ll try to spread the knowledge of those language to other learners.

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Thank you for your response! I will try to create material here…We will see how that goes :slight_smile:

Szia Chase!
Amerikában tanulsz most magyarul? Örülök, hogy tetszik neked a nyelv!
Én már beszélek angolul. Most japánul tanulok elsősorban.
Sok sikert a tanuláshoz!

Igen, Amerikában!

Miert tanulsz japánul? Csák tanulni?


De jó! Miért tanulsz magyarul?

Nekem van japán felmenőm (= ancestor) és nagyon tetszik a japán nyelv és kultúra.

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Ez igaz hogy a magyar nyelv szép és érdekes de sajnos a tartalom kevés .De azt remélem hogy a jővöre több ember fognak kezdeni érdekló lesznek és a tartalomot biztos fog növekedni (bocsánat ha valamit hibásan irtam).


En tanulok magyarul mert szeretek tanulni nyelvetek. És nekem van egy magyar barátom. Beszelsz nemetul otthon?

@nekomimikan: Sandy, it’s nice to hear that you like and speak our language. That’s even nicer that you would like to bring it into the LingQ system. I was thinking about it too, but currently I have no time to do that in a really professional way. (I am a keen graduate (since last Thursday :-))) in Hungarian literature and linguistic. I am also considering getting started a graduate course in Hungarian as a second language.)

You are right. This is unique and ancient (about 3000 years old), but how do you mean that Hungarian started to disappear? This was the prophecy of Herder the philosopher 250 years ago. It was based on the fact that all of the surrounding nations’ languages had Indo-European origin (Indo-German, Slavic, Neo-Latin) while Hungarian had a Finno-Ugric one. But for my and other 15 million native Hungarians’ fortune, it hasn’t happened. Our country is quite small, a little bit bigger than Austria, but it’s still 100 times less than the USA or Canada. So, we can not expect much more Hungarian speaker, I think. That is true that most Finno-Ugric languages have a very few speakers, there are dying ones as well. But Hungarian (15M), Finnish (5 M) and Estonian (1 M) are widely spread enough not only to survive but to prosper. (The Finns were to lose their native language under the Swedish Empire, but they could respread it with amazing efforts.) Anyway, Hungarian is not in danger; I’m sorry for the long comment, perhaps it can be interesting for someone.

@Le_Jr, Madara: Gratulálok és sok sikert kívánok a magyarhoz!

@Le_Jr: Mi a fő tantárgyad az egyetemen?

@Madara: Ne aggódj a hibák miatt! Az első és az utolsó mondatod például tökéletes.

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@Wirthmari: Köszönöm szépen , én azt hittem hogy nehány hiba tettem. Ez a magyar nyelv tényleg nehéz és a nyelvtan túl “gazdag”.Apropó , én a Bukaresti Egyetemen magyarul és angolul tanulom . A harmadik éves vagyok .

@Madara: Az egyszerű mondatokat nagyon jól, esetleg apró hibával írod. Volt egy bonyolultabb, ami nem sikerült olyan jól, de ez nem baj: meg lehetett érteni. Ha nem bánod, privátban majd még érdeklődöm felőled. Kíváncsivá tettél.

@Wirthmari : Bocsánat a hibásomot ! Ez a legnagyobb bajom hogy mindig tevedem amint mondatokot csinálom. Nem éleg hallgatok és olvosok de akar változni meg ezt dolgot a jövöért .