Teach Chinese to exchange learning English and Portuguese

Hello, everyone , I am Anna here. Nice to meet all of you.

I want to find someone want to learn Chinese , then I can do my best to help .

By the way, I teach Chinese in real life too. Hope you can help me about English or Portuguese learning too.

Look forward to start our learning here!

Hi Anna. I’ve heard and read from several sources that there is an increasing interest in China for the Portuguese language. I’m really curious about it… is it true? and… is there any particular reason for that? What do you think about it? Thanks in advance for your answer.
Olá Anna. Tenho escutado que agora na China o pessoal está muito interessado em aprender Português e que é “a língua da moda e do emprego na China”
Ler mais: http://expresso.sapo.pt/portugues-e-a-lingua-da-moda-e-do-emprego-na-china=f838497#ixzz2kg5Y0jcG
Eu gostaria de saber se isso aí é verdade e se tem alguma razão para isso. Qual a sua opinião? Obrigado.

Hi, I do not know the increasing what you heard. For this moment people learn Portugese for their own reasons.
some may go to the place where mother tone is Portugues for business,some need it for need and some want to live there. Different people has every reason, just like this I guess.

Thanks for your answer Anna; if there’s anything I can help you with Portuguese or English it’ll be my pleasure.

Hello anninha_ling, I am from Brazil and I am studying mandarim in China now, then can u help me to improve my chinese? i can help u to improve ur portuguese, ok! My skype is carloslima100 and my qq number is: 2950405734

Hi Anna, I want to learn Mandarin Chinese. I can help you with English in exchange if you want. :slight_smile:

I’m a native Portuguese speaker, I can help you with Portuguese if you’re still interested.

I am learning English now, and i am a Chinese, maybe we can learn from each other. My skype ID : dong.stella