Talking partner in English / French

Hi all. I’m Donald from Romania, 51 yo… I’d like to improve my speaking skills - English and/ or French.
So, if you’re interested, let’s talk!
My areas of intererests would be: spirituality (not religion :slight_smile: ), computers, travelling, literature, movies
My levels are: English - B2, French - A2
My skype id is: donaldf1000_2, availability 7 pm - 12 pm London time.
Thank you!

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I have seen good reviews on I believe it has been mentioned by Steve K in several of his videos. Italki has a mutual-benefit variation where you can chat/help someone with Romanian while they then (aka after) help with your English/French.

Check some youtube reviews for more info…

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hi donald, have a good day…i would like to practice English too if you have free time
here t is my skype live:maulana777jaya

Hi Donald. I would be happy to speak with you. I am native English and am learning French. My French is B2, but I have been studying for years.


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Hello, how are you? I’m Igor From Brazil, I have 26 years old and I’d like to practice my speaking and listening skills. So, if you’re interested in you can reach me out on skype. I’ve been in Canada, so I might think I hold a decent level (not fluent) of English. So we could help out each other. See you. skype live: igor.g15

Hi. I’d like to talk with you! Give me a call on Skype!