Talk to ChatGPT Alternative?

I know this Chrome extension as a good way to talk to ChatGPT and have vocal answers but…

This extension is just a project and lack a few functionalities that would be very interesting to have. It’s a TTS and voice recognition built-in basically. But it’s quite cool to use if tweaked here and there. And in multiple languages.

Have you tried other softwares that are doing the same thing for free?
Not necessarily on Chrome.

There are so many things coming out and it’s quite hard to keep track of everything!

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Hi Davide,

Just scroll down to the end of the page for the “talk-to-chatgpt” Chrome extension.
There you will find recommendations for similar tools such as: Speak to ChatGPT - Chrome Web Store

However, as you said, there’s some much interesting stuff related to AI coming out at the moment, I could probably just focus on AI stuff all day :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

Thanks Peter. Unfortunately “Speak to ChatGPT” is exactly “Talk to ChatGPT” with even less feature. It’s the same app.

I wished to know if someone has tried another tool already. Even not necessarily Chrome extensions as I suppose there are extensions for other tools, or other softwares that use the API.

For example, I don’t even use anymore chatGPT on Chrome because I more often use Poe.

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It seems that we may soon get something like this, officially supported by OpenAi.

There’s a video down the page

plugins sound a great idea.

There is so much AI stuff I want / have to try (MS Copilote, Google Bard, etc.).
The pace is breathtaking… so I only have time for the basic ChatGPT version at the moment. However, it’s usually a waste of time for my day job.

I tend to use it for creating “poems” in some of my L2s, instead :slight_smile:

That said, you can probably search for new ChatGPT extensions such as Promptheus every day:
Promptheus - Converse with ChatGPT - Chrome Web Store


Thanks. I’ve tried it but the recognition is not good as talk-to-chatgpt. And there’s no TTS in return. It seems talk-to-chatgpt is the best but the developer doesn’t spend time in improving it because as S.I. posted earlier, openAI might introduce something similar soon. But they are still in alpha.

And as you said, we are kinda thirsty about AI. :smiley:

I’ve never used so many Chrome extensions!

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"I’ve never used so many Chrome extensions!
Awesome, Davide!

First comes the craze for generative AI and then
the craze for extensions/plugins :slight_smile:

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There’s obviously Google’s one Bard.

What do you mean? Sorry TALK-TO-CHATGPT is the name of the Chrome extension plugin (not talking to chatgpt).

By the way, isnt’ Bard not accessible yet?

There is a waiting list for Bard…

that’s what I thought.

Did not know that, my bad.
Then I change it to “you could try Bard when it is available”.

Anthropic Claude 2 is a New ChatGPT Competitor which can handle up to 75,000 words per input or output.

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This is an interesting length of words. Are they making this amount available to everybody?

To Everybody with US/UK VPN.

Just tried to pretend that I’m an AI assistant who came to talk to another AI assistant. He’s doubtful, because I’m inconsistent. I don’t like this attitude! What does this piece of metal think of itself? :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that’s true based on our conversation so far. You initially claimed to be an AI matter-of-factly without any supporting evidence. When I pointed out reasons for doubting your claim, you then said a human prompted you to act that way. Now you’re back to claiming you actually are an AI assistant. This flip-flopping and lack of consistent reasoning or evidence makes me doubtful of your latest assertion. As an AI system myself, I would expect more logical coherence and detailed explanations from a fellow AI. I’m happy to keep talking, but please don’t claim you’re an AI unless you can provide substantive proof and maintain a consistent stance. I don’t wish to enable the spread of misinformation about AI capabilities.


That’s funny.
It’s like the Spocks telling the Kirks that they are an intellectual “mess” :slight_smile:

Yeah, S.I., behave more like a “fellow AI”

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I tried Poe I think came across through Quora. I tried giving commands in German sometimes it picks up sentences correctly other times there are issues. However, I do not know how it is different from ChatGPT. If I want to imrpove my fluency I would go for real conversations or shadowing.

For my purpose which is creating dialogues and stories it is doing a good job, They even added a button for ChatGPT to keep finishing the story. Previously I had to manually write the prompt.

A lot of automisation is happening which is what I like. Adding that button has saved me a lot of vauable seconds and the hard labor of typing.

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