Take Small Steps Forward with Some Beginner Content

For many learners the first lesson they open is the hardest. Getting started and building motivation can seem challenging at times… so here’s a collection of content aimed at getting you started.

English learners can go through Your First English Job to find lessons on getting a job, interviewing, and speaking professionally in English… These lessons come from a variety of course and vary in difficulty. See the playlist here Login - LingQ

Russian learners can check out a new course from About Russian in Russian. Each course deals with different grammar topics - this one is all about using the imperative. While not the longest course at only 3 lessons, it can give you a headstart on understanding spoken Russian. See it here Login - LingQ

Korean beginners can try out The Easiest Korean Lessons of All, the simplest lessons we ould throw together into a single shelf. Again these lessons come from different courses with different focuses - What they have in common is that they are all very easy. See them here Login - LingQ

French learners can look at the new French with Nelly course from a popular YouTuber. Definitely entertaining material complete with video for each lesson. Check it out here Login - LingQ

As always we had far too much new content to mention everything. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a full look at fresh learning material.


French with Nelly looks terrific, but if this is beginner level, then I am Marie of Romania. (reference to Dorothy Parker’s ‘Enough Rope’.)


I started watching some of the French with Nelly videos because they are marked as being Beginner 2 and I was completely overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. I am clearly not ready for them but they look great for when I am ready!

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