Take a Bite of Some New LingQ Content

They say, “You have to taste a culture to understand it”. So, if you’re feeling hungry, get ready, because we’re about to dive into the world of food at LingQ.
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Let’s start with a debate between a tutor and his student: Korean vs. American food. Personally, I lean towards the Korean cooking tradition. How about you? You can find the discussion here:

(Intermediate 1 level)

For a small delightful treat from Ghibli Studio, we have a breakfast song that will help you learn basic food vocabulary in Japanese. Check it out:

(Intermediate 1 level)

If you had to choose a single symbol to represent Italy, what would it be? That’s right — the correct answer is pasta. Borrowed from Asia, introduced by the Arabs, and even banned by Mussolini, pasta embodies the spirit of Italy. Discover more about it here:

(Intermediate 2 level)

Milk and its impact on health have stirred up controversy. Some argue that milk is a necessary and nutritious food, while others claim it can lead to cancer and premature death. Explore this topic further here:

(Intermediate 1 level)

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