Hi, I would like to ask you if it is possible to edit or delete tags in the section Vocabulary. If not, why? :slight_smile: I use tags very often. I add a lot of phrases from a topic (for example about Daily routine) and then I add a tag which I create (daily_routine), then I click on this tag and Flashcards and I can work with this group. It is really cool. Unfortunately, I have made a mistake and creted some tags which I dont want to use…

Jarda, it is on our list, but not that high since not so many people use Tags, unfortunately and so not so many people are affected. But we will get there.

Steve: thank you for your answer. I understand it. I have found this function really great. Now, I move all my phrases from my websites to LingQ…working with flashcards at LingQ and using Tags in really enjoyable. It is not so important, that it is not possible to delete or delete. Important is that it is working :slight_smile: Cheers :slight_smile: