Anyone like to share how they use tags? Has Steve ever done a video on the subject?

I don’t use them at all learning Spanish. I might with the more complicated languages, say Russian.

Steve hasn’t done a specific “tagging” video, but he has referenced how he uses them in other videos. Most often it was referenced during his Russian studies, where he would tag words and phrases using specific “cases” (i think that’s a noun thing in Russian).

In his recent video “Learn Phrases and Watch Your Language Skills Skyrocket,” Learn Phrases and Watch Your Language Skills Skyrocket - YouTube he says how he uses them there if I recall.

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I only do the most obvious thing, which is to tag interesting/important/confusing items so that I don’t lose them. I could imagine maybe tagging words according to subject matter (for a topic-specific review session) but I think it would take too much time…

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