Open question to everyone using LingQ: So how are people using tags? I just discovered this feature today.

Are you using this to mark things as “verbs”, “places”, “scientific”, “daily phrases”, “slang”? Or maybe marking words as masculine or feminine?

Actually that leads me to another question. As you’re building your vocabulary in the early stages of learning a new language are you concerned about masculine/feminine/neuter? Years ago when I took French in school I remember struggling to remember whether a noun was masculine or not… Most of the time it seemed it didn’t make since. Bikini? Isn’t that masculine? Not in my wardrobe…

If you search for “tags” in the forums you’ll find a lot of threads about this topic.
For example:

but there are a lot more.

I am learning German, and have been for about a month and a half. I don’t actively try to memorize noun genders. There are just too many words, I would never be able to actively remember all of them, and I know I would get frustrated and eventually give up. So far, I am generally able to tell what function a noun serves by its position in a certain sentence and through the use of certain signal words (der, eine, etc.). In the future, if I am ever able to speak, I will go back and try to nail down the genders of those words that I use in active conversation.