Tags system is messed up

For some time I have been using a tag “u” (“useful”) for the German words I wanted to learn first of all. Now this tag disappeared for some reason, but instead I’ve got a number of tags I’ve never even created. Like “ausklammern” or “entwerfen” (why would I need tags like those?). What’s going on? Do I need to create my list of useful words again from scratch?

They are a part of the new “improved” taging system so verbs are now automatically categorized into tags such as past tense or present tense (and so on).

I do like the basic idea behind the change, verbs getting categorised, (past tense, future tense, etc.) but verbs getting categorised by the verb itself is quite useless. I find that having to many tag categories de-emphasises the point behind tags.

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You can disable auto-tagging under settings.