Tags for lessons please!

I have 16 pages of active Russian lessons…I’d better archive a few that I haven’t done yet to make the list more manageable. Mind you, I’ve got 56 pages of archived lessons, so finding them again to reactivate them isn’t going to be easy!

I know I can order them alphabetically, but being able to tag them would be more helpful. Then I could pull up all the lessons with tag = grammar or tag = holidays in one go.

Eventually you can find them better when you use the library. I think, you can open an archived lesson from the library again. Did you ever tried this way?

If this where your private lessons, you could use the import section to navigate to the lesson. You can open the lesson and then “Save and Open” brings you to the lesson.

Argh. “Where” should be “were”

That’s what I do Vera…but I have 2 pages of collections I’ve imported and it’s not a quick job to delete them! Obviously if I had given them all sensible names in the first place it would be easier…

Hm, I was sensible and I manage about 800 imported items. But to have more search and sort options would be fine.

We are working on improving navigation in the Library, Import etc… It is an ongoing effort but we hope to have some changes in the Library up very soon including a way to search and filter Imported content.

yeah the filtering will be nice when it comes along… I’d like to filter by percentage of known words or number of known words in the future…

I’d also like to be a multi millionaire so if you guys could help with that too… that’d be just peachy…

I think they have to finish sorting out the world peace thing first :wink: