Watching one of Steve K’s you tube videos yesterday I heard him referencing tagging lingqs, and I’m curious how people are using this feature. Does it mean that If I tag an item, that becomes another way to search for an review it in addition to the 1-4 numbers?

Yes, that’s correct

It’s a great feature.
I tag every word for type, gender, participles etc.
The process requires a person to research the word a little more.
Time well spent, and it enables great word sorting and review.

I like to use tags a lot, when i know the language better and know a bit of the grammar. When i read a text the first time i do not add tags, because it distracts my reading experience, but when i review the text a second or third time, i add tags and i use that to learn the grammar. The only thing that bothers me is that apparently you cannot change the tags later - like changing the name of the tag or deleting a tag completely. I also think it would be nice if you could add a tag to several words and phrases at once in the vocabulary section, which is not possible right now.

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