Tagging multiple lingqs

Is there a way to apply a tag to multiple lingqs at once?

I’d like to be able to tag the lingqs in a number of lessons so that I can select them in the Vocabulary page and review them as single group instead of going through the lingqs lesson by lesson.



I don’t fully understand. You can Tag each LingQ as you save it, or at any later time. Then you select this Tagged List in the Vocabulary section to review these LingQs as a group. That is how it works now. Am I missing something?

I think he wants a way to select multiple LingQs in the list and add the same tag to all of them in the More actions… dropdown menu. That would be much faster than opening the LingQs one by one and adding the tag. I think it would be really useful too.

Zbrntt got it exactly as I meant: I’d like to be able to select a number of lingqs and apply a tag to all of them at once.

Tagging one by one is very time consuming.

I get it. Yes that is a function that we would like to introduce one day. We will probably do it when we get around to improving the Vocab page.

I’ll wait for it then. Thanks.