Tagging LingQs

I have been tagging my vocabulary in an attempt to organise it. As I have created some 50 000 Russian lingQs they take a lot of organising and I often feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of data. In order to get a good working productive vocabulary I would like to be able to slice and dice this data in as many different ways as possible.

I have the following suggestions to make tagging a more effective way of organising a large number of lingQs:

Add the ability to do logical AND and OR tag searches;

Add the ability to print out or export to csv file the results of a complex tag search;

When creating a lingQ, as well as being shown the various hints people have already created, with the ability to select one or create your own, add the ability to select any, all or none of the tags people have associated with that word or phrase;

Count and display the total number of tags each user has assigned to their lingQs, as another activity statistic. Hopefully we will see a correlation between the use of tagging and the improvement in productive vocabulary of LingQ members.

Display the ranking list of top taggers, to give us competitive types another goal to aim for.

What do you think?

Some interesting ideas, Helen!

And/or searches are a good idea and something we will have to look into.

Any of the filters/searches etc on the Vocabulary page produce a list that can be exported. That happens now. So, if we add the ability to do complex tag searches, you will be able to do this.

I’m not sure about this one. We will start by showing other tags people have used and see how it works. This is in the works already.

An interesting thought but not one we are looking at doing at the moment. We may eventually add a page with more obscure statistics and rankings on it but for now we are focused on providing stats which affect the majority of our users.

It’s nice to know that you guys are targeting tags. I agree with Helen that much can be done in that area. I suspect that such stats don’t affect the majority of our users because of the very tag limitations you’re discussing.