Tagging issues

I have three questions related to the tagging of words in LingQ and the subsequent management of these tags for self-test purposes:

  1. How to disable autotagging:

New words sometimes come with automatic (grammar) tags as soon as I add a dictionary meaning to them. I have already looked at my Reader Settings but there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable autotagging. I want every new tag attached to every new word to be added manually by me and by no other means; how can this be done?

  1. Search filter options in the vocabulary section:

I would like to make a search in the vocabulary section based on a combination of 1) the lack of a tag and 2) word status level. For example let’s say I set new words to level 1 and at the same time some of these level 1 words (but not all of them) have a tag, let’s call it ‘x’. How do I use the search filter to find the level 1 words which do not have the ‘x’ as a tag? Thus, a search result based not on a positive match of all the search criteria with a list of words within the specified level but rather the excluded words from that same level.

  1. Batch adding tags in the vocabulary section:

There is an option in the vocabulary section under ‘More Actions’ to ‘Add/Remove tags’ assuming that you have chosen one or more words. But when I use this tool I only have the option of batch removing existing tags but can’t reversely add tags to multiple words at a time, even though the name ‘Add/Remove tags’ gives you the impression that you should be able to do exactly this. How can this be done without resorting to doing the tagging individually to each and every word?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will see what we can do in future updates to improve things, but at the moment it’s not possible to do neither one of those things.