Tagging errors in writing submissions

Some time ago Steve asked which other tags are needed to tag errors in a writing submission. I couldn’t find this thread.

For German I would suggest to add:

  • Misspelling / Rechtschreibfehler
  • Case / Fall
  • Tense / Zeit

In my experience, these are the most important errors.

Thanks, Vera. We’ll get those added.

We definitely should have different error categories for different languages. I notice that Case is available in Russian. I know that because I make a lot mistakes with Case.

Hi Mark, Do you have a timetable for doing this?


Mark is asleep now, but I think we can begin by preparing a list of the appropriate error categories for each language. Perhaps this can be a discussion them in each language Forum, including both tutors, or native speakers and learners.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks. I guess we should probably first finalize what the categories are in each language.